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Hi Customer,

Network Audio has always had a problem.

External noise has a nasty way of entering into our audio experience. Like that loud and boisterous Uncle that you just cannot seem to escape from at a family picnic, we just had to accept his presence. We tried to minimize his presence with expensive high-end Ethernet cables, Ethernet filters and more.  However, that Uncle never seems to truly disappear. UNTIL NOW!

Instead of hiding at the other side of the family picnic to avoid THAT uncle and minimize the ruckus he causes, imagine if his boisterous behavior never reached you. That is what systemOptique by Sonore aims to accomplish with your network audio.

By creating a wall or "gap" (galvanic isolation - for the technical folks), we eliminate all the network noise from entering your network player/streamer and DAC. The result is you enjoying all the best parts of your family picnic and NONE of the noisy Uncle.

Q: How can this be? Are we using sorcery or witchcraft?
A: While that would be cool, not so much. We are using fiber optics.  <<Learn More>> 

Q: What is/are fiber optics?
A: Instead of using copper wire (what you find in traditional Ethernet cables), Fiber optics uses bursts of light, within a glass tube to transmit your audio files.

Q: Why glass and light (fiber cable)?
A: Unlike copper cables, noise CANNOT attach itself to light. Not gonna happen!

The result is the ELIMINATION of all noise that was picked up on your network from reaching your network player / streamer and DAC.

Q: How do I know what I need?
A: Check out two of our introduction videos listed below.  We give a great overview of fiber optic technology and how you can easily upgrade your audio experience.  We have also built a full series of videos to help you understand the value behind optical networking.  <<Begin Viewing>>  



optical networking 101

Optical Networking 101

Take 3 minutes to understand the basics of optical networking for network audio

eliminate network noise

Optical Isolation to Eliminate Network Noise

How the opticalRendu and opticalModule eliminate network noise from reaching your DAC.

systemOptique Is The Future of Audio